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Floppy disk drive to suit S3 robot control

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Brand new genuine Sony Floppy disk drive model 3.5" floppy disk drive that has been modified to suit ABB S3 M93A and earlier industrial robot controllers


These units are suitable for use with DS DD (Double Sided, Double Density) 720k floppy disks. 


Note that this drive is not suitable for use with S4 and later robot controllers. We have specific units for this. 

The floppy drives fitted to robots are often vulnerable to the harsh conditions in which they can be placed especially in foundries and welding shops. Changing the floppy drive is a simple and cheap operation that will help prevent against the loss of data including your programs. 


They are direct replacements for ABB part numbers 3HAB 2477-1 and 5736 067-2. 

The S2/S3 series of robots ran from 1984 with the release of the IRB 2000 until the M93A controller that were manufactured in large numbers until late 1993 and even later. There are still many S3 robots still fitted in car plants all over the world, testament to their longevity. They use the 720k (1 meg unformatted) 3.5" floppy disks of the DS DD (double-sided double-density) type. They are also suitable for use with the S2 control system.

The original floppy drives fitted to ABB robots have an average MTBF of just 30,000 hours, the rest of the robot can last for well over 4 times this so the floppy drive is often the first thing to go.

Each drive is modified before being tested for function in an S3 cabinet- Format, read and write functions are tested before shipping. 


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ABB S3 floppy disk drive